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Bond Traders Move Closer to Fed, Ramping Up 2019 Rate Hike Bets

180,000 young Wall Streeters took the grueling CFA exam this year – nearly 100,000 of them failed

The Biggest Risks for U.S. Equity Investors 

Cancer Patient Wins $289 Million In Lawsuit Over Roundup Weed Killer

Trump just made the Fed’s job of unwinding the greatest money printing experiment in history much harder.

The Fed raises rates a quarter point, as expected. The question now is what is the “neutral rate” at which it stops raising rates. It’s currently implied at 2.9%, which corresponds to 4 more quarterly 25 basis point increases over the next year.

Fed leaves rates unchanged, but will continue its march toward neutral policy levels. We’re looking for 2 more rate hikes this year.

The CFA is the most brutal exam in the world of finance – here’s what the questions look like.

Can anyone trust these big banks anymore?

The Fed’s plan to “patiently” raise interest rates couldn’t be better for QSF participants. Low risk short term bonds provide stability with yield levels that can’t be matched by bank products.



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