Firm Overview

ARX Management, LLC is a settlement administrator and asset manager established in 2011 to meet the needs of attorneys and their clients.  Founded by principals with direct experience in the complex litigation and institutional investments management fields, ARX possesses an unmatched mix of expertise relevant to managing Qualified Settlement Funds (“QSF’s”) of all sizes.  We take a boutique approach to client service, and take pride in building long-term relationships by being accessible and constructing customized solutions for our clients.

Our services fall under three primary categories:

As a Fiduciary, ARX is charged with maintaining the highest standard of care when overseeing settlement proceeds.  We take our duty of responsibility for these funds as seriously as the attorneys and clients who work years to reach a settlement.  We ensure that the Fund is fully compliant with US Treasury Regulation 1.468B and established in a way that protects claimants’ needs-based benefits eligibility while preserving the qualified tax-exempt status of settlement proceeds.  ARX will work with your firm to develop an investment strategy designed to deliver a modest return within a capital preservation mandate.  We seek to cover all expenses related to the QSF, and look to generate additional income that can be used to offset other post-settlement expenses.  As institutional investment professionals, ARX will not outsource the management of the Fund, eliminating the layering of fees that often reduces net settlement proceeds to claimants.  Risk management is a key component of our process. We utilize sophisticated proprietary and third-party systems to manage portfolio risk, run security analytics, and electronically execute trades.  ARX will work with you to structure a schedule to meet anticipated liquidity needs throughout the life of the QSF.

ARX also offers comprehensive Settlement Administration services, either directly or through our network of strategic partners.  These include lien resolution, medical record review & case management, claims administration, and special master allocation services.

ARX Attorney Business Services are uniquely designed to offer our clients innovative solutions throughout all phases of a litigation.  Assistance with firm financing, case expense financing arrangements, and business strategy consulting are a few ways we help our clients manage the challenges of a capital intensive business model.