Founded by principals with direct experience in complex litigation and institutional investment management, ARX offers an unmatched mix of expertise relevant to managing Qualified Settlement Funds.  Our partners previously worked together at a large investment firm, where they actively managed $8 billion in conservative capital preservation products, including money market and enhanced cash strategies that are directly applicable to the management of QSFs.

As a fiduciary, ARX is charged with maintaining the highest standard of care when overseeing settlement proceeds. Our QSF management and administration services are fully compliant with US Treasury Regulation 1.468B, and we are careful to preserve the tax-exempt status of settlement proceeds, as well as claimants’ needs-based benefits eligibility.

ARX will work with you to develop a customized investment policy and liquidity schedule within a capital preservation mandate. Each fund is managed directly by our team, minimizing costs, while seeking to maximize interest earned on attorney fees and to mitigate claimant case expenses.

Risk management is a key component of our process.  We utilize sophisticated proprietary and external systems to manage portfolio risk, run security analytics, and execute trades.  Our typical strategy will invest in a diversified mix of conservative US Treasury and Government-guaranteed Agency securities, high-quality money market-eligible instruments, and FDIC-insured bank products.



As QSF Administrator, ARX will manage all investments and administrative functions of the Fund, including:

  • Court document drafting to establish the QSF
  • Customized investment policy and liquidity schedule
  • Attorney fee and expense disbursement
  • Claimant payments
  • Qualified attorney fee assignments and structured payments
  • Lien reimbursement, vendor, case expense, and other necessary payments
  • US Treasury Reg. 1.468B compliance
  • IRS reporting and tax payments
  • Expense and earnings tracking
  • Customized reporting to your firm and other parties to the QSF