Our services fall under three primary categories:

  • Fiduciary and Trustee Services
  • Settlement Administration
  • Attorney and Claimant Services

As a Fiduciary, ARX is charged with maintaining the highest standard of care when overseeing settlement proceeds.  Our 1.468B Qualified Settlement Funds are designed to preserve capital while delivering attractive earnings that can offset claimant expenses and augment attorney fees.  Each of our funds is directly managed and customized to each settlement, with a keen focus on risk management and capital preservation.

ARX also offers comprehensive Settlement Administration services, either directly or through our network of strategic partners.  These include claims administration, case management, and lien resolution services.

ARX Attorney and Claimant Services are uniquely designed to offer innovative solutions throughout all phases of a litigation.  Through our network of strategic partners, we can set up attorney fee assignments, structured settlement and attorney fee payments, and special needs trusts.