Fiduciary Services

Qualified Settlement Fund Management & Administration

  • Establish Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) and serve as QSF Administrator
  • Establish Fund with unique Tax ID, manage all tax filings and maintain tax-exempt status of the QSF
  • Establish custodial account
  • Compliance record tracking under Treasury Regulation 1.468B
  • Maintain all records related to the management of the QSF
  • Pay ongoing expenses related to the settlement
  • Make disbursements to attorneys, claimants, and all parties to the QSF

Fiduciary and Trustee Services

  • Maintain appropriate fiduciary standard of care
  • Construct an investment strategy addressing the unique needs of the QSF
  • Liquidity management
  • File and maintain all court documentation related to the establishment and management of the QSF

Conservative Investment of Fund Proceeds

  • Invest settlement assets utilizing a conservative capital preservation approach designed to generate income that may be used to pay post-settlement expenses